Don’t wanna!

A great shot of my broth­er, Joel, and his not-so-lit­­tle lit­tle boy, Cor­ban. I think Cor­ban’s want­i­ng to get up and run around while we were hav­ing a gath­er­ing. I love Joel’s expres­sion, a sort of calm, col­lect­ed exasperation.


Because there was a fast-approach­ing ice storm, we got to come home ear­ly from work on Fri­day. It was sleet­ing on on the way home, and by the after­noon, every­thing was fair­ly well crys­tal­lized. Before din­ner, we put all the boys in the show­er. Just as they were fin­ish­ing up, the lights flick­ered a few… Con­tin­ue read­ing Win­ter­scape

Hidden forest

There is a whole for­est hid­den in a bed of moss. You ought to take a child and find a patch of the love­ly, soft green­ery, then get down real­ly close, and watch the won­der in their eyes.

Not gone yet

Win­ter has almost set in com­plete­ly here.  The rio­tious hues of the leaves have fad­ed and fall­en to a brown car­pet, and every­thing begins to look with­drawn, hid­ing from the frost. Walk­ing through the woods, you find that there is still col­or, but in small places. The moss is still a vivid green, and con­trasts stark­ly… Con­tin­ue read­ing Not gone yet