A normal Friday

Excerpts from a recent Fri­day at our house, illus­trat­ing life with four boys: “Ok, Dad­dy, come on and let me spank you. Bend over.” “My word! Riv­er, no! You don’t throw cere­al on the floor!” (A few sec­onds lat­er) “Tris! Don’t stomp on that cere­al!” “Mom, on my birth­day can it be movie day and com­put­er day?” “Riv went… Con­tin­ue read­ing A nor­mal Friday

Don’t wanna!

A great shot of my broth­er, Joel, and his not-so-lit­­tle lit­tle boy, Cor­ban. I think Cor­ban’s want­i­ng to get up and run around while we were hav­ing a gath­er­ing. I love Joel’s expres­sion, a sort of calm, col­lect­ed exasperation.

Backpackin’ River

The back­pack is the eas­i­est way to car­ry Riv­er. He’s pret­ty big now–somewhere around 21 lbs at 7 months old.

Mr. Benevolence

The last pho­to I post­ed was of River’s first smile. I thought that I’d post anoth­er of his famous smiles. This is what he’s doing most of the time; he’s a very pleas­ant lit­tle fellow.

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The first smile

Or at least, this is the first smile from Riv­er which I was able to get a snap of. Sleep­ing smiles count, don’t they? He’s set­tled down into some sem­blance of an evening sched­ule, but it’s not one I par­tic­u­lar­ly am crazy about: River’s usu­al­ly sleep­ing from right before I get home around 5:30 to about… Con­tin­ue read­ing The first smile