All things new

Ok, ok, I know. It’s been waaay too long with­out any posts on this blog. Well, there’s been a lot of big changes in life recent­ly, so I beg your for­give­ness, and will try and rem­e­dy the sit­u­a­tion with a quick sum­ma­ry, and then get back to work try­ing to write more reg­u­lar­ly. So here’s… Con­tin­ue read­ing All things new

Groceries are too complicated for men

I’m a full-time web and graph­ic design­er work­ing out of my home right now, so I’m privy to a lot more of the dai­ly house­hold goings-on than I used to be. In Rose Creek Vil­lage the nor­mal liv­ing sit­u­a­tion is 2–3 fam­i­lies to a home, and ours is no dif­fer­ent. We have 6 adults and 8… Con­tin­ue read­ing Gro­ceries are too com­pli­cat­ed for men

Only skin deep

Any belief in Jesus Christ—however small—is far bet­ter than any amount of belief about him. George Mac­Don­ald I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a broth­er the oth­er night, in which he told me he was hav­ing a hard time with some things he was see­ing about anoth­er broth­er. The issues were about things such as how the… Con­tin­ue read­ing Only skin deep