What we’re leaving for the kids

Ari and I were hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion a cou­ple days ago about a rel­a­tive that passed away recent­ly and what was being left for the chil­dren in her will. Mor­gon, our 10-year-old, piped up: “Dad, when grand­pa dies, is he going to leave you a lot of mon­ey?” Ari and I just laughed. We could­n’t help it—that’s… Con­tin­ue read­ing What we’re leav­ing for the kids

A Response to Francis Chan’s “I Gave Up on Unity”

I read this post on Fran­cis Chan’s blog today: http://francisupdates.tumblr.com/post/8762288953/i‑gave-up-on-unity As com­ments are dis­abled on his blog and I have no idea how to get in touch with him, I fig­ured that I might as well throw some thoughts in response up here on the blog and see if they help any­one out. Fran­cis wrote: “[…] Until this… Con­tin­ue read­ing A Response to Fran­cis Chan’s “I Gave Up on Unity”

On being gathered together “In His Name”

In Matthew 18 there’s this real­ly neat sec­tion in vers­es 15–19 where Jesus is teach­ing his dis­ci­ples and teach­ing about con­flict res­o­lu­tion with­in the Church. It’s a very cor­po­rate-mind­ed teach­ing, and Jesus talks some about the author­i­ty and pow­er that the Church has. He says in clos­ing in verse 19: “For where two or three have… Con­tin­ue read­ing On being gath­ered togeth­er “In His Name”

Call a Meatloaf a Meatloaf

It mys­ti­fies me how peo­ple take the same tra­di­tions and meth­ods of mod­ern Chris­tian­i­ty, mix and match them in dif­fer­ent ways, and expect to get dif­fer­ent results. I’ve met peo­ple who are tired of the tra­di­tions of ‘insti­tu­tion­al­ized’ Chris­tian­i­ty. They’re tired of doing the Bible stud­ies, Sun­day ser­vices, youth groups, Sun­day school, etc., but when and… Con­tin­ue read­ing Call a Meat­loaf a Meatloaf

It’s not supposed to be strange

I’ve found that the ques­tion I’m always asked when peo­ple find out I’ve moved out to Sacra­men­to from Ten­nessee is, “Did you move due to your job?” “No,” I tell them, fol­lowed by some vari­ant of, “I came out here because I felt like it’s what God want­ed me to do.” I’ll usu­al­ly then get a strange… Con­tin­ue read­ing It’s not sup­posed to be strange