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It’s not supposed to be strange

I’ve found that the ques­tion I’m always asked when peo­ple find out I’ve moved out to Sacra­men­to from Ten­nessee is, “Did you move due to your job?” “No,” I tell them, fol­lowed by some vari­ant of, “I came out here because I felt like it’s what God want­ed me to do.” I’ll usu­al­ly then get […]


Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi

You should watch this teach­ing by Rob Bell. It’s pret­ty awe­some. [youtube DswAPdgfRMs] This the is the first part, and you can find the next part after each part plays. I love the part where he talks about Jesus call­ing the fish­er­men to fol­low him; it’s an awe­some pic­ture of how God wants to use […]

California Christianity

This isn’t normal?

So, we’ve done this crazy thing and moved 2200 miles away from our friends and fam­i­ly, sim­ply because we felt God call­ing us to, and he must have some­thing to do out here, right? It con­tin­ues to be an incred­i­ble les­son in liv­ing by faith, wait­ing on the Lord, and look­ing for him every­where. I […]

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On helping the poor

Last Fri­day, our team of vil­lagers (Noah, Haviy­lah, Joy, Amy and Noah) who have been in Naku­ru, Kenya for the past 6 weeks final­ly came back home. They’ve been out there vis­it­ing and min­is­ter­ing to the Lake­view Vil­lage Church, which you can read more about on their blogs. I’ve been think­ing about what it means […]

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The importance of talking

Dur­ing a recent bible study, we were read­ing through Eph­esians 4. I real­ly love this pas­sage because of the prac­ti­cal steps it gives to build up the Body of Christ. I thought I’d write a sort of com­men­tary on the pas­sage, which I think goes along with Shammah’s excel­lent post on exhor­ta­tion. “And He gave […]