Catching up

Yes, I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve post­ed here. My apolo­gies. I feel ashamed. But, rather than give a bunch of excus­es and do a lot of grov­el­ing, let’s just get caught up.

Since I last post­ed, we’ve moved into a new house with anoth­er fam­i­ly (Stephen and Ayala’s fam­i­ly), had anoth­er baby boy, Jour­ney Edan, host­ed a few vis­i­tors from Rose Creek Vil­lage, and have been devot­ing a lot of time to fel­low­ship with the church here.

The house is great. It’s got plen­ty of room for us with­out being extrav­a­gant, a large liv­ing room and din­ing room which make it per­fect for hav­ing a bunch of folks over for meet­ings and get-togeth­ers, a big back­yard for the kids to romp in, com­plete with a tram­po­line and large above-ground pool which the pre­vi­ous ten­ants decid­ed to leave for us.

God’s been pro­vid­ing for us won­der­ful­ly; work is going more than well. I’m fac­ing a new prob­lem; how to sched­ule out every­thing I need to do, as well as which jobs to take.

Liv­ing with Stephen and Ayala has been a treat. We’ve had some rubs, but get them worked out quick­ly and stay clear with each oth­er. Most­ly, we oper­ate like one big family.

Jour­ney Edan was born on March 1st at home. The birth was amaz­ing. It went real­ly fast once things picked up–the baby was born just 50 min­utes after the mid­wives arrived–but we nev­er felt rushed or stressed. There was a con­stant feel­ing of calm which was won­der­ful. Kaleem and Mar­lene, the mid­wives, are some of the most lov­ing and serv­ing women we’ve met, and they took very good care of us, even in the few weeks fol­low­ing the birth.

Noah and Haviy­lah arrived to vis­it a cou­ple weeks ago, and stayed for a week. They are head­ed to Naku­ru, Kenya for six months to be with the church there, so it was real­ly great to get to be with them. God real­ly spoke through them, too, and they spent a good deal of time encour­ag­ing the church here. There’s been some good fruit from the trip–seems like some things were just at the tip­ping point, and they ‘tipped’ dur­ing the time they were here. God’s been real­ly pour­ing out His Spir­it on us then and since, and the love and fel­low­ship we’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing is incred­i­ble. It seems that a dam has burst sometimes.

Mer­cy, Ari and Aya’s mom, arrived to vis­it just a few days after Noah and Haviy did, and is still with us. She’s been a huge bless­ing and help.

Rick and Katie are in the process of clos­ing on a house which is with­in walk­ing dis­tance of us. They’re encoun­ter­ing some tech­ni­cal­i­ties which are being dif­fi­cult and dis­cour­ag­ing, so please be pray­ing for them. We know that God wants us to be close togeth­er, and it seems that this is the house He’s pro­vid­ing; He’s just going to have to make it work.

We had an amaz­ing “love feast” togeth­er dur­ing the time Noah and Haviy­lah were with us. The church gath­ered here at our house, and we broke bread togeth­er, wor­shipped God, and gave each oth­er gifts and bless­ings. God’s pres­ence was very strong there, and it was so awe­some to watch Him go around the room and speak through just about every­body there, touch­ing each per­son with His love.

God’s open­ing doors for us around this area as well. We’ve been meet­ing some neat peo­ple who it seems God may be bring­ing us into fel­low­ship with. We’ll give more details as things pan out.

This is an excit­ing time. God is on the move!


  1. Thanks for the update from me as well. We got a report from Noah and Haviy­lah, too, and they are very excit­ed about what God is doing in your midst.

  2. Thank you so much for the update! Its always good to hear from our friends 🙂
    I love when “God is on the move”! Its one of the most won­der­ful feel­ings in the whole wide world 😉 Reminds me of the Nar­nia movie when the beavers say “Aslan is on the move!”
    Love you guys! XOXOXOXO

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