A normal Friday

Excerpts from a recent Fri­day at our house, illus­trat­ing life with four boys:

Ok, Dad­dy, come on and let me spank you. Bend over.”

My word! Riv­er, no! You don’t throw cere­al on the floor!” (A few sec­onds lat­er) “Tris! Don’t stomp on that cereal!”

Mom, on my birth­day can it be movie day and com­put­er day?”

Riv went poopoo in the pot­ty chair? Can I see?”

You two sit down in the mid­dle of the floor, hold hands, and look at each oth­er. Don’t get up ’til I tell you to.”

All hands on deck! I for­got it was Fri­day, and the lawn guys are here! Rock and toy pick­up in the yard, now!”

Hon, it’s time for lunch.”

Great!” I walk out to the din­ing room, where there is no lunch to be seen. Ari is lay­ing on the couch.“Is there food ready for me?”

I was hop­ing you’d make it.”


  1. rot­fl you guys are a hoot. i would almost pay my kids to say the things your kids do. your sto­ries are great!

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