On the solidity of walls

It’s all River’s fault.

We’ve been in the ear­ly stages of pot­ty-train­ing with him, and late­ly have been try­ing to catch him before he goes in his dia­per, which explains why this morn­ing I was careen­ing through the house to fetch the pot­ty chair before it was too late.

Some­how my lit­tle toe inter­cept­ed the cor­ner of the wall on my way by.

The wall did­n’t budge.

At first I thought that it was just the injured toe­nail caus­ing the pain, but as I grabbed it (yelling), I felt the bones grind­ing together.

Sigh. It’s ridicu­lous how such a small part of your body can cause such trou­ble. My toe imme­di­ate­ly start­ed to swell, which has since spread to the entire foot.

Of course, every­one in the fam­i­ly was very con­cerned for me, though that did­n’t stop any of them from laugh­ing at me. They real­ly got a kick out of it (pun not intended).

Late­ly, Mor­gon has been com­ing into the age of klutzi­ness. He con­stant­ly is stub­bing his toes, drop­ping objects, run­ning into things, and oth­er­wise caus­ing dam­age to his per­son. I think it tick­led Ari to real­ize that he just comes by it honestly.


  1. It only took 1 sprain of my lit­tle toe to silence my grandiose ques­tion­ing of whether we real­ly need all 5 of them. 😛 Hope it mends soon.

  2. Well, after feel­ing that pain, I’m prone to say, “No, we don’t need any­thing that is so prone to get­ting hurt. Cut ’em all off!”

  3. Poor toe. Toes have got to be one of the worst things you can hurt. Every­one steps on them or bumps them. Build a fence round your foot for awhile. 🙁

  4. You should wrap your­self in bub­ble wrap and con­stant­ly have your­self sur­round­ed by bunnies! 😉


    1. The bub­ble wrap would prob­a­bly help, but I have bad luck with bun­nies. They always scratch and bite me.

  5. That was a real­ly fun­ny sto­ry! Hope you all are doing well and I’m grate­ful for a way to keep up with you guys. 

    Love, Sim

    P.S. Tell Riv­er good job! 😀

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