This isn’t normal?

So, we’ve done this crazy thing and moved 2200 miles away from our friends and fam­i­ly, sim­ply because we felt God call­ing us to, and he must have some­thing to do out here, right? It con­tin­ues to be an incred­i­ble les­son in liv­ing by faith, wait­ing on the Lord, and look­ing for him every­where. I get the ques­tion a lot, “So what brought you to Sacra­men­to?” It’s pret­ty fun­ny the look on peo­ples’ faces when we try and explain–most seem to think it’s pret­ty strange, stu­pid, or weird.

But I’ve been think­ing, yeah, it seems weird, but isn’t it sup­posed to be this way? So when I found this video by chance the oth­er day, it was real­ly encour­ag­ing. I real­ly like and respect Fran­cis Chan from what I’ve read and heard of and by him. Hope to get to meet him one day. Check out the video, and let me know what you think in the comments.

[youtube WYhU0QHBixU]


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