The Reckoning

Andrew Peter­son is about to release his lat­est album, Count­ing Stars, and I can’t wait. I got to lis­ten to the sin­gle he’s already released titled The Reck­on­ing. It’s so, so good. If the rest of the album is any­thing like that song, it promis­es to be one of my favorite albums.

I have some friends who tell me that Andrew’s music is at best a required taste, but his stuff has been one of my favorite musi­cal finds in recent years. I con­sid­er him to be one of the best song­writ­ers I know. This song is a great exam­ple of why I love his writ­ings; he takes what he sees of God in nature, in peo­ple, and the cry of the earth, mix­es it with his heart, poet­ry and music, and out comes not just a song, but a piece of the Story.

So, take a lis­ten to the track. Buy it, even. But don’t miss the long­ing heart, the desire and readi­ness to say,

Mighty God, how I fear you
How I long to be near you, O Lord

How long until this cur­tain is lifted?
How long is this the song that we sing?
How long until the reckoning?

And I know that I don’t know what I’m asking
But I long to look you full in the face
I am ready for the reckoning.

[Update:] You can lis­ten to the full track and see the lyrics at Cen­tric­i­ty’s YouTube chan­nel.

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  1. I total­ly agree with you. I have just recent­ly (2–3 months ago) found Andrew Peter­son through Yahshana. She and I both love Rich Mullins and often bemoan his absence. But since find­ing Andrew we feel some­what com­fort­ed that his lega­cy is being car­ried on. In fact, Yahsh read from the insert on one of his albums his thank you to the “ghosts” of sev­er­al peo­ple he feels indebt­ed to for their influ­ence in his life, and one of the first is Rich Mullins. We were thrilled. It makes me real­ize more clear­ly how one day we will all be togeth­er where time and space no longer sep­a­rate any of us from our Father or any of His chil­dren. Wow! Too big a thought to comprehend!

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