Are you listening?

One of the great things about work­ing at Yachad Dis­tri­b­u­tion is that most every morn­ing we meet togeth­er for 15–20 min­utes and sing, pray, and encour­age each other.

This morn­ing, Shammah was telling us about a quote he’d picked up some­where, but he could­n’t remem­ber where he’d heard it. His son, Noah, piped up and told him it was from a cer­tain movie, which prompt­ed a lot of teas­ing. His reply to that, though, was awe­some, and worth think­ing about and understanding.

He point­ed out that we’ve got to be care­ful not to restrict how God speaks to us. God’s speak­ing to us all the time, send­ing mes­sages to us through all sorts of things, and we’ve got to be open to hear­ing those things, or we’re miss­ing the Word of God.

The Truth can shine through what­ev­er God choos­es to let it shine through, and it is what it is. It’s the small­ness of our ideas of God which will keep us from hear­ing. He does­n’t need us to pro­tect him from being taint­ed by speak­ing through a medi­um which we deem is unsuit­able, or instruct him on how he’s sup­posed to do his work. He’s God.

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