Introducing River Solas Dickerson

Yes, it has tak­en us a while to announce his name, but that is because it was a long time in coming.

Ari and I have been search­ing and ask­ing God for the right name for our new baby for almost a week. Final­ly, last night, the last piece of the puz­zle fell into our laps.

Solas is the Irish word for “light”. Also, though spelled dif­fer­ent, Solace is an Eng­lish word for “com­fort”. Togeth­er, the name means “Riv­er of light and comfort”.

When we found that word, we both knew that it was right, and the name was com­plete. All the oth­er ideas we pitched out.

We’re lov­ing him to death, though he is keep­ing us awake a lot. The boys had their own ideas about nam­ing the baby, but they’ll get used to it. Right now, though, Tris­tan’s deter­mined to call him “Chub­by River”.


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