Let us be clear

Peo­ple some­times ask why we live togeth­er. While read­ing this morn­ing I came across a great expla­na­tion of the heart behind our liv­ing with mul­ti­ple fam­i­lies to a house:

Let us be clear that the Body of Christ is not some­thing remote and unre­al, to be expressed only in heav­en­ly terms. It is very present and prac­ti­cal, find­ing the real test of our con­duct in our rela­tions with oth­ers. For while it is true we are a heav­en­ly peo­ple, it is no use just to talk of a dis­tant heav­en. Unless we bring heav­en­li­ness into our dwellings and offices, our shops and kitchens, and prac­tice it there, it will be with­out meaning.

Sit, Walk, Stand by Watch­man Née

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